The Bengal is a relatively new hybrid breed of cat developed to have a gentle and friendly temperament, while exhibiting the markings and body structure reminiscent of the wild Asian Leopard Cat. In other words, a Bengal cat has a desirable 'wild' appearance with a gentle domestic cat attitude.

The Bengals can have either spotted or marble coat patterns. Spots with at least two colours present (rosettes) are particularly desirable.

Bengal cats can take a great deal of interest in running water and don't often mind getting wet. Most Bengal owners will tell you stories of cats playing with running taps or climbing into sinks and baths.

Bengal cats also commonly play games with their owners, such as fetch and hide and seek. Bengals are also vocal to communicate with there owners.

Additionally, Bengals are very high-energy, intelligent and curious so are particularly interactive with their human housemates, wanting to be in the middle of whatever the human is engaged in. However, while friendly and with very distinctive personalities, Bengals are not known for being 'lap cats'.

As their activity and play requiements are high they like having other high energy cats to play with if you spend long periods of the day away, they can get mischievous if they get bored.

The best way to bond with a new Bengal kitten is to play with it for at least half an hour every morning and every evening. They need to be taught what is acceptable play behavoir like any young animal.

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