The original home of the Singapura is the island of Singapore, with the breed taking its name from the local Malay name for the island, meaning 'Lion City'.

Singapuras have noticeably large eyes and ears. A dark outline to the eyes is desirable. Eye colours are hazel, green or yellow only. The ears are large, wide open at the base and deep cupped.

The Singapura is an alert, healthy, small cat. Looking muscular yet elegant they are definately a combination of agility and grace. Short haired and sepia/golden ivory in colour, with 'burnt' colourings to the tips of their tails.

Singapuras love to be high up to survey their home. Be prepared to find them on top of furniture, door fames and other areas that make you wonder exactly how they got up there.

They maintain a youthful, kitten-like playfulness through-out life, meaning they will always be up to something. They love being around humans, often insisting on trying to read the newspaper with you, helping you make cups of tea, climbing in and out of your laundry while you load your washing machine and helping you spring clean by chasing and pouncing on your dusters.

Like Bengals, Singapuras have a lot of energy and enjoy the company of other cats so that they can play tag. They are smaller and faster than Bengals and can frequently be seen sprinting from room to room, bounding from chair, to table, to window-ledge, to sofa and back again.

Life with a singapura is never a dull one.

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